Sara’s Farewell

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Since 1979, Sara Staley has been an important part to Ed Kellum & son’s 65 year history of extraordinary service. After 35 years of hard work and dedication to the company, Sara is retiring. We are all very sad to see Sara go, but are highly appreciative of the work she has done throughout the years.

Several major products have been serving our needs for 35 years:

Compact Discs “CD’s”
Disposable Cameras
Apple McIntosh
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Microsoft Windows
Cellular Phones
3D Video Games
High Definition TV

Can you imagine how different life would be without some of these inventions from the 80′s? Or how low prices were in 1980?

A new home was $76,400
First-class stamps were $0.15
A gallon of gas was $1.25
Dozen eggs were $0.91
A gallon of milk was $2.16

We definitely can’t. Most importantly, we can’t imagine our company without the impact Sara has made over the last 35 years.

Before joining Ed Kellum & Son, Sara graduated from Appalachian State University in North Carolina with a degree in Home Economics. She first worked in Atlanta, Georgia at a power company where she took part in kitchen design work. After living in Germany for a year with friends, she decided to move to Dallas where she began cooking classes. At these classes, appliance vendors would demonstrate how to use the latest inventions. One day, Amana had a demonstration of the newly released microwave. The Amana staff knew Mr. Kellum personally, and they were helping him find the perfect candidate to work for him. They introduced Sara to Mr. Kellum and she was hired right away.

The best part of the job for Sara was meeting customers, getting to know them and then helping them determine what products met their needs. Ed Kellum & Son is different than other retailers because “they are not just there for the sale; they genuinely care about building relationships with their customers. They want the customers to know they care, and this drives them to come back,” Sara said. “Not only do the same customers come back, but they also spread the word to their family and friends about their experience.”

One of Sara’s favorite memories while working at Ed Kellum & Son was having the opportunity to work with three generations of customers. Ed Kellum is not just a company with great brands, but it is also a family-oriented/owned company that values customer satisfaction. After working for 35 years with one company, Sara definitely made long-lasting relationships with her customers and the generations after them.

Since 1980 when Sara began, the number of products carried by the store changed drastically. Ed Kellum & Son started with few white washers, dryers, refrigerators, a cook top and oven. Now, each vendor offers hundreds of different products including popular new items like built-in coffee makers or steam ovens.

When Starpower bought Ed Kellum & Son in 2011, Sara said, “It just made a great product even greater.” With this acquisition, Starpower added live kitchens to the showroom which adds a whole new element to customer interaction.

After Sara retires, she plans on visiting family and friends across the country. When asked about other plans, Sara proclaimed she is “going to have fun!”

Before Sara leaves, she wants one last celebration for her loyal customers! From 3/31-4/12, enjoy these incredible deals thanks to Sara:

Amana 25cuft ice & water side by side for $698
20-50% off Sub-Zero Wolf floor models & demos
$2000 off a 65″ Sony XBR
KitchenAid stainless steel dishwasher with $100 off and free installation
$200 off a Whirlpool top load laundry pair
A chef to cook for you and 5 others when you buy a new Thermador kitchen

Ask store for details or request a quote online: